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The Responsible Travellers provide a variety of trips to cater for all travellers to the Himalayas. We offer classic treks in world famous destinations, such as the Everest and Annapurna regions, adventure & discovery tours which explore many areas of Ladakh, Nepal and Tibet and we also offer trips which take you off the beaten track to areas that have remained relatively unexplored, as well as volunteer holidays which enable you to sample a new culture while doing something worthwhile. And if you want to extend your stay, we offer additional excursions which you can easily add to your holiday.

Our policy is to use the facilities provided by the local area in order to boost the economy wherever we go. Therefore when there are teahouses we use these and select the best available, similarly with home stay facilities. Where there are no facilities we camp, and provide a fully catered tented service “Himalayan style”.  We believe this is best for the local people by supporting them, but also more honest to you our customers. When you go camping in the Himalayas we think you probably want to find some wilderness and not camp in the backyard of a teahouse! If you prefer staying in Lodges then it is best to search for trips in the Classic Trekking section, but if you like the idea of home stay or tented camps with a full service from your Nepali hosts, then look through the off the beaten track section.

Adventure, Discovery & Wildlife Tours

Herders on the Tibetan plateauIf you want to visit the Himalaya, but don’t want to spend all your time trekking then these are the trips for you in Nepal, India and Tibet. Ranging from 800m above sea level to the highest mountain in the world, Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world for flora, fauna and ethnic diversity. Across the border Tibet provides an enchanting journey of discovery to a once forbidden land … see where our discovery tours can take you.

Classic Himalayan Trekking

Sunlight on EverestMany of our classic trekking itineraries are located in Nepal, a land stretching along the Himalaya that has long held a fascination and mystic for the western world. It is a Kingdom with ancient cultures, colourful religions, and some of the most superb scenery in the world. The remainder are in Ladakh or little Tibet, a remote north western province in india which has the cultural heritage and moonscape features of Tibet. For many a trip to the Himalaya is a lifetime dream … see our classic Himalayan treks to make your dream come true.

Off the Beaten Track

Gazing out over ThamserkuAs part of our responsible ethic, we promote new areas and encourage travel to less developed and well known places in order to disperse the economic benefits and environmental impact of tourism. Therefore for every trip to a more frequently visited area, we also promote an “off the beaten track” destination. If you take any of the trips in this section, not only does the local community benefit from your visit, but you will also enjoy seeing less developed and more untouched areas … see where you can explore off the beaten track.

Volunteer Holidays

Installing a water tankAs you know we donate 100% of profits to charity. So it’s no surprise that as one of our major activities to encourage responsible and ethical tourism we work with our beneficiary CHANCE  (UK registered charity)  to run community project holidays. There is no better way to get to know the country you visit than spending time living with local people. If you have a taste for adventure and are eager to do something different this is the holiday for you … see how you can enjoy your time away by volunteering one of our sustainable projects

Cycling Tour Lhasa – Kathmandu

Cycling the Friendship HighwayIf you are a keen cyclist, or simply and outdoor adventure enthusiast, perhaps you’d like to explore the Himalayas by bike. Pedaling on two wheels can be incredibly rewarding with a more in depth view of the landscapes through which you pass, and greater insight to the way of life of the local cultures, however, it is also harder work! Worldwide classics including the biggest downhill thriller in the world descending from the Tibetan plateau through the Himlayas to Kathmandu. Not for the faint hearted, read on for more details of cycle tours in the Himalayas

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