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“I  am  in-love with the Himalayas!
I have travelled across rivers and over mountain passes, bathed with elephants, been blessed by an 87 year old Buddhist Lama and met some of the most hospitable people in the world.”

Extract from a Travellers Journal – The Original Responsible Traveller!

If you want to visit the Himalaya, but don’t want to spend all your time trekking then these are the trips for you. Across Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and India we offer you exploring holidays that capture the heritage, discover the culture & people of these richly cultural lands, and view the mountains without too much exertion!

Bhutan Culture Tours

(5-21 days) Grade A

We offer you the chance to visit Bhutan, last of the world’s true Shangri-La’s. Our tailor made trips offer you a unique insite into this land of “gross national happiness”. You can experience home stays and visit off the beaten track to get closer to the Bhutanese heritage and culture. Don’t worry about the price,  they are actually cheaper than many small group holidays. Click here to find out more

Discover Ladakh

Colourful women of Ladakh(16 days) Grade A

This superb discovery tour is packed with sights and experiences of Northern India. With two days at the Ladakh Festival, Golden Temple at Amritsar, the Dalai Lama’s residence in Dharamsala, there is so much to experience … more about our Discover Ladakh trip >>

Discover Nepal

Temples of Bhaktapur(14 days) Grade A

Take a journey through time and travel to the mystical Himalayan Kingdom. The mountain views, rural village life, elephant back jungle rides and rich culture will provide all travellers with the most enriching of experiences … more about our Discover Nepal trip >>

Discover Tibet

Potala Palace, Lhasa(15 days) Grade A

Mountains, Monasteries, and ancient culture: this trip is designed to explore the essence of Tibet with a journey that takes you through the development of the ancient culture, and visits the most mystical and famous sights of this once forbidden land. We combine the Tibetan Monasteries and Dalai Lama residences with an exciting journey through the Himalaya which also visits the north side of Everest … more about our Discover Tibet trip >>

Wetlands & Wildlife (Nepal)

Storks playing in the water(14 days) Grade A

Visit two internationally important wildlife reserves, interspersed with cultural shows and ancient temples. Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve is a wetland area renowned as a bird watchers paradise, and Chitwan National Park is a fabulous jungle safari destination … more about our Wetlands & Wildlife trip >>

Wild West Adventure Tour (Nepal)

Buffalo pulls a cart against the sunset(14 days) Grade A

Searching for Bengal Tiger, visiting the birthplace of Lord Buddha and seeing the timeless medieval town of Tansen, this tour takes you on a journey to experience a mixture of cultural and natural sanctuaries of Nepal. This is truly an adventure trip taking you off the beaten track and discovering some of the less visited areas of Nepal … more about our Wild West Adventure Tour trip >>

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