Nepal Culture and Nature Experience

14 days, Grade B

Community projectRhinocerosButterfly on geraniumsTemple silhouetteWatch trip slide showIf you want to do something different, want to make a difference or want to really get to know the country you visit, then this is the trip for you. This alternative itinerary combines a cultural and nature tour with volunteering.

The first part of your holiday allows you the opportunity to experience a family stay & community project. Our program allows you to get the most from your visit to Nepal by becoming part of a community, and allows you to gain an understanding of issues faced by populations in the developing world.

The second part takes you on a journey through time exploring this mystical Himalayan Kingdom . In the Kathmandu Valley you will have a chance to see the finest Newari architecture, experience the hustle and bustle of the medieval capital city, explore the cobbled streets and temple complexes and experience sunrise over the Himalayan panorama. Finally, in Chitwan , Nepal’s most popular Nature National Park you will enjoy elephant back safari’s and canoe rides in search of Rhino, crocodile and other wildlife.

This is a trip doesn’t just visit but allows you to Live Nepal! Nepal Culture and Nature Experience Trip Notes

The Vital Statistics

  • 14 days ex Kathmandu
  • 6 nights city hotel / resort in Kathmandu
  • 3 nights Chitwan Jungle
  • 4 nights community project & homestay.

Dates and costs

There are currently no scheduled departures for this trip, but click here for an independent trip on the date of your choice >>

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  1. shari said:

    Are children able to do this tour?
    how much for one adult and one child (5 years old)
    THank you

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