Carbon balancing

The impact on climate change from the way in which we live today is a topic we have all heard about, and is something that we can not and should not ignore. The emission of greenhouse gases as a result of our everyday lives is accepted by the world’s scientific community as the main cause for global warming. CO2 levels have risen one third since the industrial revolution and are set to double in the next 100 years. Equally, temperatures which have varied less than 1 degree since the dawn of civilization are projected to rise between 1.4 and 5.8 degrees centigrade over the next 100 years. (Source: The Carbon Neutral Company)

This is why when you go on holiday with The Responsible Travellers, we commit as part of our Responsible Tourism policy to ensure your holiday is carbon balanced. Given the great “green debate”, we have chosen to implement this policy in a way that ensures we know we are making a difference. For every traveller to the Himalayas we donate twice the amount it costs to purchase commercial carbon credits* to Nepal’s renewable energy Biogas Support Programme (BSP). By doing this we ensure that:

  • There are no “middle men” and no commercial profiteering from our action
  • The money goes directly to local projects in the Himalayas working to reduce carbon emissions
  • No money is wasted on administration
  • Projects reducing de-forestation and providing renewable energy resources will benefit
  • We can guarantee that all the work done as a result of this contribution is incremental and would not have otherwise happened.

We have chosen to be responsible and take the lead within the tourist industry. We hope that other companies will follow us and help you to continue to enjoy exploring the world. In the meantime you have peace of mind that when you travel with The Responsible Travellers, we have a clear sense of responsibility to the environment.

Our initiative funds a new project section set up for biogas to be implemented in remote, rural Himalayan districts. We are extremely proud that since this activity began, biogas is now available in ALL 75 districts of Nepal, and our investment has now reached 5 of Nepal’s most remote districts: Manang, Mustang, Jumla, Humla and Mugu!  The project portfolio continues to grow building more installations and promoting green and clean energy resources.

So far we have helped with the implemetation of biogas plants in the following districts:

  • Mustang-12
  • Manang-5 (7 further plants at the stage of construction)
  • Jumla-5
  • Humla-1
  • Dolpa-4
  • Kalikot -54

Finally, here’s a word from the Chief Executive of BSP Nepal Mr. Saroj Rai:

“BSP has been working to promote biogas across the whole of Nepal. Despite our efforts we have been unable to do much in remote parts such as Manang and Mustang. After your financial contributions, moral and other supports we have been able to make a breakthrough. We are very proud to have worked with you and take our technology to the most remote parts where people are in great need. Thank you very much!”

* Based on commercial carbon credit prices for a return flight from your home city.

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