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The Responsible Travellers is a non-commercial organisation which donates all profits from it’s travel operations to charitable projects in Nepal. We support both areas of education and conservation. Please read below to find out more about our work.

The facts of life in Nepal …

  • 9% of children die before they reach the age of 5yrs
  • 90% of the 24 million population live as subsistence farmers
  • Average wages in the countryside are £2 a month
  • 80% women are illiterate
  • 72% of children have insufficient sanitation
  • 50% girls attend school
  • 20% girls go on to secondary school
  • Only 1.5% of Children complete the School Leaving Certificate

We donate to CHANCE which is a UK Registered charity working to provide access to quality education in Nepal.


They have 3 main areas of operation:
1) CHANCE for children provides help for deprived children to access education who may be at risk of exploitation and would otherwise not get the opportunity for schooling.
2) CHANCE for Change helps improve the quality of education with the provision of teacher training programmes and school equipments.
3) CHANCE for life helps communities provide educational facilities for themsleves by providing the means to set up a farming co-operative venture. These projects invest 50% of the co-operatives profit into the local school and 50% goes to other community developments. This innovative way of delivering school facilities helps develop entrepreneur skills and is the most sustainable way of facilitating change in deprived communities.

In all areas of work CHANCE ensures efficient allocation of funds:

  • 100% funds go directly to Nepal
  • Network with other charities to ensure synergy and efficiency in all activities

All funds generated by The Responsible Travellers are donated to the general community project fund which invests in CHANCE for Change and CHANCE for Life projects.



We are also passionate about the environment here at The Responsible Travellers,  and as such we also invest profits into conservation projects.

Our main project at the moment is investing in Biogas, a fantastic renewable energy resource. Biogas is a bi-product from the decomposition of animal dung and other organic matter such as kitchen waste. Those working in the area are sometimes nicknamed the “Dung busters”! This waste is converted into methane, which is then used as an energy source for cooking and lighting, and a highly concentrated slurry that can be used for fertilizer.

This project is one we are very enthusiastic about as not only does it produce energy products, but it also provides health improvements including sanitation, through the installation of a toilet, and a reduction in respiratory problems, as all the installations are made in houses which previously used firewood for cooking. The kitchens were therefore very smoky and people suffered greatly from respiratory complaints. So by stopping forest degradation by replacing the energy with a renewable source, we are also able to help poor rural families in the developing world improve their living environment.

The final benefit is from the slurry by-product. This enables the householders to produce more crops on their plot, both by increasing crop yields and introducing new varieties, which provide a new source of income.

This truly is an all round development programme with economic, health, sanitation and environmental benefits and we are proud to be working with BSP Nepal to take this technology to the remote areas of Nepal.

Heritage conservation

Our second area of focus is heritage conservation We are very conscious that tourism can bring economic benefits to areas of Nepal and great joy to those who visit. However, if it is not managed responsibly it can also bring some harmful influences and impacts to local cultures. Our Heritage preservation work is focused on ensuring maximum benefit and minimum impact of tourism. This also overlaps with our Environmental Policy which advocates the promotion of areas off the beaten track, and the use of authentically built and operated facilities.

We have worked with local NGO Kathmandu Educational Programme (KEEP) to develop a training module for Heritage Preservation. This is being launched to the local populations of the Tamang Heritage Trail as this update is being written.

Our Director of Operations Siling Ghale, and Sirdar Yam Magar are working alongside other trainers from KEEP, with support from the Langtang National Parks office of WWF and the Nepal Tourism Board, to launch this fabulous new training which includes waste management and hospitality modules alongside the heritage preservation. We are very proud to have initiated this training, which we believe will help the Himalayan cultures preserve their heritage whilst sharing it with visitors, and hope to operate it in many more areas. As part of the Heritage programme we shall be promoting ancient Himalayan festivals, so look out on the departures list for Festival Specials.

Blood donation

Giving blood – saving lives!

Our final commitment to charity is something which enables us to literally save lives. We have set up a blood donation campaign in Nepal which donates all the credits to children suffering with blood disorders. The blood donated is allocated to CWIN (Child Workers in Nepal), a charity which then manages the allocation of blood to children in need. A small amount of time (and perhaps some slight discomfort!) allows us to give the gift of life to the young children of Nepal.

We are introducing this worthwhile activity to our suppliers, employees, and all those operating in the industry here. We also recruit new donors through other networks and in fact had many young monks attending our last event. We operate an event now twice a year, and we hope to recruit more members every time.

We also hope our customers will be inspired by these actions, and perhaps join their national blood donation campaign when they go home. They say that at Christmas time the fun is in the giving; well, I had the best Christmas ever the first time I gave blood!

A BIG Thank You to everyone who supports this campaign.

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