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CookGuideSherpaThe Responsible Travellers is a highly credible organisation providing you with first class staff who have the experience, professionalism and training to ensure your trip is as safe and well managed as possible. The generation of local employment and how this is managed is also at the very heart of our operation This is why we have a 100% commitment to employing only local staff. You will also benefit from this by being able to get closer to the culture and learn more from your experience in the Himalayas travelling with those who are born and bred in the area. By employing this policy we are also ensuring that the local economy benefits as much as possible rather than large commercial organisations.

We therefore commit to:

  • 100% of our staff are employed locally
  • Paying preferential wages for Porters, yak herders and Sherpa staff
  • All staff being fully trained in their respective roles and with mountaineering, Mountain wilderness & first aid qualifications

Leaders with extensive experience of Mountain Leadership. With this strong commitment to our employment policy, we can ensure the best possible impact to the communities we visit, and generate a genuine source of income to one of the poorest countries in the world.

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