Codes of Practice

We ask you to Join us in doing the right thing by considering the following practices whilst on your holiday:

Cultural Impacts

1) To avoid offending the local cultures women should try to keep their shoulders and legs covered. Trekking skirts are a good option, and t-shirts that cover the shoulders for ladies, whilst men are requested to wear their shirts at all times.

2) You will see many beautiful faces on your travels. Please remember to be respectful when photographing people and ask their permission before doing so.

3) Please do not give to begging children, this only serves to encourage bad practice. If you wish to contribute then please ask your leader how you can make a gift aided donation to one of our charities to allow help to be given in an organised manner by professionals.

4) Try to respect local tradition. There are a number of customs you will come across on your trip which your guides and Leader will explain.

Environmental Impacts

1) Fuel conservation. As a group consider eating the same choice on the menu when you order dinner at the tea-house as it takes more fuel to make more variations at dinner. Also try to  avoid the use of boiled water heated on wood stoves for washing.

2) Renewable Energy: In order to discourage forest degradation try to take a shower where solar power or gas is used rather than accepting water heated on a wood stove.

3) Drinking Water: Filtered water is the most environmentally friendly way to generate safe drinking water. As an alternative we encourage the treatment of water with iodine tablets. Please consider the impacts of using bottled or boiled water, as plastic bottles require safe disposal, and boiling of water consumes fuel.

4) Human Waste: Toilet facilities, albeit basic are available in all villages, please refrain from using “wild toilets”. Please follow instructions on how to dispose of your toilet paper (which is not allowed to be thrown in the toilets but is collected for burning)

5) Rubbish Disposal: Before your trek try to reduce any rubbish items by removing packaging from any items you take to the mountains. Whilst on trek please use your Responsible Travellers bag to keep all your litter items including: plastics, paper / card wrappers, tissues and metal to give to us to dispose of responsibly back n Kathmandu. Please take batteries back home with you to dispose of safely.

Economic Impacts

1) Souvenirs: try to buy local crafts from fair trade outlets rather than imported goods. This encourages the practice of fair wages and promotes the local economy . If in doubt about a fair price or where to shop please ask your leader.

2) As a conservation advocate we ask you not to purchase products made from animal products In order to discourage illegal poaching of our indigenous species.

3) Standards of Living: remember there is a large gap in the standard of living. Try not to make extravagant displays of wealth, and consider the impact of bargaining low prices on the local traders.

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