Mountain Lodge Information for Teahouse Treks


Accommodation is on a twin share basis with basic wooden beds which have a foam mattress.  Occasionally, in remote places and in higher altitude destinations where there are only a few lodges, dormitory maybe the only facility available. The toilets and showers are communal facilities (i.e. not en-suite). If you have booked a single room, this applies for Kathmandu and the pricing reflects this. However we will do our best to provide a single occupancy in the mountain lodges, but this can not be guaranteed. During the peak trekking months it is almost certainly the case that single rooms will not be available in the mountain lodges.

Washing & Toilet Facilities

All villages have toilet facilities, so “going wild” is neither necessary nor friendly to the local community. Only in very exceptional cases if you are in remote parts are there limited facilities, the majority of the time you will be able to use indoor toilets. Please see the code of practice for more details regarding use of hot water and toilet facilities. Showers powered by solar or gas are available in some lodges. We recommend you take a shower when they are available, and discourage the use of water heated on stoves (as this uses scarce and often unsustainable fuel resouces). It may be useful to have wet wipes in your pack as an emergency.

Drinking Water

One of the most common problems for visitors here is diarrhoea. However careful you are, one may still get an upset tummy. But as the saying goes prevention is better than cure, by taking precautions you can reduce the risk.

Again please refer to the code of practise overleaf to consider the environmental impact of your water consumption. We recommend treatment of water with iodine or other purification treatments, or alternatively use filtered water.


Small scale hydro electric schemes and light solar panels are running in most of the villages. So, some form of electricity is available in most places (and is 220V). This may be limited in supply and so lighting may not be available all of the time. It is therefore essential to carry a torch (and spare batteries). In a number of villages there is a facility to re-charge digital camera batteries which is charged at an hourly rate of approx. 200NRS. This is a useful facility, but please bear in mind that energy resources are limited here.

Food Ordering

The lodges have an order book for each room. You should make sure your name is written against your room number when you arrive. When you choose your food and drinks, these should be written in your book to allow for easy billing on departure. A kitty system can be administered by your leader if the group prefers.  You should try to order supper at least 2 hours in advance and breakfast the night before. Again, referring to the code of practise overleaf, you may wish to order the same dish as a group, and thereby economise on the fuel used to prepare your food.

First Aid

Your leader is trained in Mountain Safety and First Aid, but please remember he is not a qualified practionner of medicine or dispenser of drugs. The first aid kit is carried with the group and available for you, however, any choice to take any drugs or medications must be entirely your own decision.

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