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Our Ethics…… Here at The Responsible Travellers we take great pride in the fact that we are doing the right thing by you our customers, by our staff, and by the people, country and environment in which we operate. We believe actions speak louder than words, so here you can read how our ethics are put into practice.

Our Guarantee:

1)  100% of profits are donated to  Charitable Projects

2)  We pay the cost to Carbon Balance your international flight to the Himalayas

3)  Through a committed  Environmental Policy we work to ensure minimal impact of our activities

4) We have a simple and fair Pricing Policy with no extra fees charges – price us up against other companies!

5) Have a fair and ethical Employment Policy which is committed to employing local staff and paying fair wages

Before you go…. The impact on climate change from the way in which we live today is a topic we have all heard about, and is under much debate from the world’s scientific community. This is something that we can not and should not ignore. This is why when you go on holiday with “The Responsible Travellers”, we commit as part of our Responsible Tourism policy to ensure your trip contributes towards renewable energy technologies in the Himalayas. Given the great “green debate”, we have chosen to implement this policy in a way that ensures we know we are making a difference. For every traveller to the Himalayas we donate twice the amount it costs to purchase commercial carbon credits** to either Nepal’s Renewable Energy support programme BSP. Or Ladakh’s Ecological Development Society depending on your destination. Travel with peace of mind with The Responsible Travellers

Whilst you are there….Our Employment and environmental policies demonstrate our continued sense of responsibility. Firstly, our belief in aid through trade and therefore the generation of local employment and how this is managed is at the very heart of our operation. This is why we have a 100% commitment to employing only local staff. Our customers benefit from this by being able to get closer to the culture and learn more from the experience in the Himalayas, travelling with those who are born and bred in the area. By employing this policy we are also ensuring that the local economy benefits as much as possible rather than commercial organisations. We take great pride in ensuring fair wages to all our local staff and protecting our porters from exploitation. Secondly, our environmental policy addresses waste management, water usage,  and encourages and supports the use of renewable resources. In addition, we have developed our policies in consultation with the Nepal Sustainable Tourism Development Unit and WWF to ensure the strongest commitment to the local environment.

After you’ve gone…… The Responsible Travellers donates all profits from its travel operations to charitable projects in Nepal. We believe the most effective way to invest is with the help of specialist organisations.  We work with our partners to find suitable projects and locations to invest and then all the funds go directly to the local project. Our partner charities and areas of investment include:

Education We believe all development starts with educating the people. We support community education programmes, child support programmes, and interest free loans for adult education through our beneficiary charity CHANCE Registered UK charity. 1107201

Renewable Resources This involves working with BSP – the national biogas organisation in Nepal. The WWF estimate that only 29% of the original forest covers in Nepal still remains. Between 1990 and 2005, Nepal lost 1.2 million hectares of forest We work with BSP Nepal in order to help the communities develop Biogas – a renewable energy resource which provides clean fuel, stops deforestation, and offers far reaching health and sanitation benefits. We have been very excited to help facilitate this broad benefiting resource to all districts of Nepal.

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